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3D printing

We use our latest generation 3D printer to create prototypes of plastic finished products and mechanical components to evaluate the aesthetic and functional aspects of your design projects before going into mass production.

  • Maximum dimensions:
    330mm x 330mm x 350mm

  • Materials:

    PLA – PETG – ABS – TPU

  • Printing:
    2D and 3D Projects

Third-party 3D printing

R&D departments are well aware of the complexity involved in the prototyping phases concerning new
products or mechanical components. With our 3D third-party printing service, however, the prototyping of a component is exceptionally swift and allows for the evaluation of the relative aspects quicker and cheaper than ever before.

Our FDM/FFF printer can be used to print in a variety of materials, including PLA – PETG – ABS – TPU or technical filaments, to find the filament that best matches the characteristics of the final product.

Furthermore, we can print components up to a maximum size of 330mm x 330mm x 350mm to meet the demands of every type of industry.

3D printing for the die casting industry

In addition to providing third-party 3D printing services, we can also integrate it into our brass alloy die casting services, to reduce the design and prototyping times and achieve better results.
In fact, the preventive 3D printing makes it possible to build a prototype and verify the correct mechanical structure of a component before the die is made and before performing hot or cold die casting. Starting from a technical drawing, including 2D versions, our team starts by quickly performing the 3D printing, all the relative tests are carried out and, only when the part meets the application requirements, it proceeds to build a die and start mass production with brass alloy die-casting.

Our design services

Our technical department is able to work alongside enterprises also during the definition of the parameters required by the 3D printing processes. Using state-of-the-art software, our designers can start from 2D drawings or a simple idea to create 3D simulations and then print components using PLA – PETG – ABS – TPU filaments or other cutting-edge materials.

What can we achieve using 3D printing systems

Mechanical components

Technical lighting fixtures





Design products

Furnishing accessories

Articles for children

Company Profile

The third-party 3D printing service is the result of our ongoing commitment to find the perfect solutions for
our customers. Since 1962, we have been working with enterprises operating in the plumbing and electrical
industries, as well as with manufacturers of lighting fixtures, the agricultural and marine industries, providing
services for the design and die-casting of brass alloy components.
Our production flexibility, timely response to every request, and most importantly our focus on the finishings
and quality of our products, have turned us into a benchmark enterprise for our many customers and have
driven us to invest in new technologies, including automation and 3D printing, bringing added value to the
R&D of new products and components.

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